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  Type 1379 Duragauge® Pressure Gauge, ASME B 40.1 Grade 2A (±0.5% of span)
  • 4.5" full-size Bourdon tube
  • Patented Duratube™ with as-welded-tube construction controls stress for longer life
  • "Round Cap Tip" construction lowers stresses for longer life
  • Easily adjustable, self-locking micrometer pointer
  • Exclusive teflon coated 400 series Stainless Steel rotary movement for longer life
  • PLUS!™ Performance Option:
    • Liquid-filled performance in a dry gauge
    • Fights vibration and pulsations without liquid-filled headaches
    • Order as option XLL
  • Epoxy-coated system for superior corrosion resistance

Type 1379 Duragauge® pressure gauge is offered in 4.5", 6" and 8.5" dials sizes.

This rugged, solid-front aluminum case gauge is tops in its field. It is available as a weatherproof hermetically sealed or liquid-filled version in 4.5" and 6" sizes in pressures to 30,000 psi. Like the 1279, it can be easily field converted from the weatherproof version to either the sealed or liquid-filled version using an optional kit. Ranges 50,000, 80,000 and 100,000 psi are available in 6" hermetically sealed and liquid-filled cases. All size cases are coated with black epoxy which will withstand most environmental conditions.

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